The Top Three Things Buyers Look for in a New Brand

New York fashion week; the time of the year where hundreds of like-minded people gather all over the streets of New York in anticipation of viewing the newest collection (SS18) of their favorite designer just recently ended.
Although bummed because the festivities came to a halt, a fresh cycle began! 

The selling cycle. 

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How Nicole Giordano is Helping Designers Build Their Dream Fashion Business

If you haven't heard of StartUp Fashion, you may have been living under a rock. 

We're not just saying that to be funny. Founded in 2009 by Nicole Giordano, the StartUp Fashion Community is the community for emerging brands and designers. Boasting over 100,000 visitors a month and thousands of subscribers and active members, this community is where it's at in terms of building a successful fashion business. 

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What is a SKU Plan and Why do I Need One?

When you hear the word SKU Plan what comes to your mind?

If you have any experience working within the fashion industry you’ll know that it’s essentially the Road Map to your collection every single season.

This simple piece of paper that serves as a complete road map as to what you should include in your collection each season is something that can MAKE or potentially BREAK your business.

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How Laura Choi is Creating an Ethical Resort Collection Based on Travel, Value, and Sustainability

We recently had the opportunity to sit down and speak with the founder of Par en Par, a new sustainable women’s resort collection based in NYC.

As we all know, starting a fashion line is not easy.

Being able to sit down and speak with Laura in a very open and honest way about what it took to get the brand off the ground was quite an interesting conversation. Laura really knows merchandising and what it takes to create a collection. 

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Top Three Ways to Increase Your Sales During Slow Seasons

It doesn’t  matter if you are selling apparel, jewelry or footwear, every business’ sales eventually will slow down or come to a halt.  You might be freaking out because you think you have done something wrong but the thing is that this is the ideal time to: reflect on areas you kicked ass, think of things you can improve and of course create new ways to make more money (aka-sales).’re probably thinking, “seriously what buyer is still buying when it’s slow?” Well, you’d be surprised by the number of buyers who place “at once” orders.

Let’s review three things you can do right now to keep sales rolling.

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How Visual Branding Affects Your Products’ Perceived Value

My mom’s go-to wedding shower gift for many years was a set of metal measuring cups. She knew that the receiver wouldn’t guess they had cost $50, but she loved her own and knew that they would be appreciated in time.

For my mom, the value of the metal measuring cups was that they looked better and lasted way longer than plastic ones, whose measurement markings wore off, handles broke, and that occasionally even melted. The $50 was worth it, even if at first the newlyweds only noticed the “looked better” part.

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The Top 5 Podcasts for Fashion Entrepreneurs

Lately, we have been obsessed with podcasts. Especially podcasts surrounding the fashion business, marketing, and personal development space. 

To be honest, it’s something that in only the last couple of years we even knew existed. 

Sure there’s XM radio and things like that, but podcasts that you can download and listen to wherever/whenever was something completely foreign to us five years ago. 

Whether you’re sitting on the subway or in your car (stuck in traffic), these bite-sized and easy to consume forms of audio is a game changer for us when it comes to learning and keeping our mindset on point. 

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Why Understanding Your Sales Figures Can Make or Break Your Business

Most people’s eyes seem to glaze over when you talk about numbers in your business. 

Let’s face it.

As a designer, you are a creative being.

The last thing you want to do is analyze your business. 

We see this time and time again with designers.

Designers who are all about the creative aspect of the business, but when it comes to bookkeeping, pricing their products, and analyzing their sales figures, these types of responsibilities seem to fall by the wayside. 

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