How to Hit the Ground Running with Sales

What exactly are Sales?

It’s one of the key elements in business that makes the world go round. Think about it, everything you own or rent involves some type of transfer of goods in exchange for money. 

The expression, “He could sell ice to an Eskimo” is an indication that some are natural born sales people.  However, for most entrepreneurs they cringe and struggle with the concept of asking a complete stranger for money.

In fact, when I first started out in sales I was that exact person. When approaching a buyer I would all of a sudden forget what I was going to say, my heart would race, and I couldn’t seem to get my words out clearly.

Good news, I got over it and you can too!

Designer + Sales = $$



This simple yet basic word holds so much power.

In the world of sales, there are two major roles: Account Executive and Account Manager.

While both are important, as a startup brand it is inevitable for a designer to take on both.
So what is this AE/AM all about?

Account Executives are often out opening new accounts, developing relationships with buyers, and write orders.  

Account Managers on the other hand, are maintaining sales and develop long term relationships with specific accounts/customers. 

Personally, I believe all the magic happens as an Account Executive.

Over the past few years, I’ve been able to successfully prove this by hitting my goals outside the walls of the office.

Now, as a designer, you may be thinking “yeah sure, this all sounds good; but I am not a sales person and I don’t know have any clue where to start.

Not to worry, I have you covered.

Since, you are running a startup brand there’s one MAJOR thing you’ll to get started:

How To Establish New Accounts

Below is a 5-step formula that you can steal.☺ 

How to Gain New Accounts: 

You'll need: 

An Account List
This list should be laser focused, workable and accessible.

A Plan
An effective plan can be created and achieved by consistently blocking out time during the day for prospecting. 

An Attack
This can happen through: face to face, phone, email, and the drip method.
Meeting- It’s common to have more than one meeting before you close (according to HubSpot the average is three).

Close/Follow Up
This stage is where you reap what you sow; after an order has shipped do not to leave your new account hanging. Contact the buyer at least 3-4 weeks after his/her first buy; as it shows that you care.

So much Work and So little Energy
So I know exactly how you feel! When I started out I was overwhelmed by the amount of work. Don’t freak-out, below are some of my habits that have helped me hit over a million in sales (use them).

Why are Monday mornings usually the hardest?

After a weekend of fun; we can get tapped out by thought of processing re-orders and answering emails and looking for new accounts.

Once while starring at the celling; dreading the sound of my alarm clock, I thought ugh, do I really have to go out prospecting today? How would I get the conversation started? And what if buyers brush me off?

There were just too many things traveling at light speed in my head. Instantly I thought; I’ll just stay in bed and tackle everything tomorrow. Right then and there I knew resistance had kicked in and if I kept it up I wasn’t going anywhere. So, I jumped out of bed; poured myself a glass h20 and laced up my sneakers.

You’ve probably heard it said, exercise is the ultra-medicine. Well it just isn’t a saying; it’s actually true. According to research, hitting the tracks have several benefits and they all aren’t physical. Running can provide a noticeable boost to your self-esteem and confidence. There is something about the crisp air touching your face bright and early that gives you a greater sense of empowerment and leave one feeling focused, energetic and happier.

Focus on the positive outcomes:
No matter what our circumstances, it’s important to be positive every day. Opening new accounts can be challenging at times and even discouraging especially if we haven’t opened anything in a while. This could be a good time to step in with self-talk. Self-talk; is countless unspoken thoughts that goes on inside our minds. 

These automatic thoughts can be positive or negative; some create logic and reason which are thought as optimist while others self-talk may appear from fabricated self-imposed misconceptions-which will lead to negativity. Believe it or not we all talk to ourselves daily; so why not concentrate on positive things.

If you are anything like me, you have a hard time quieting your mind. Through constant practice of mediation and yoga; you can experience immense benefits of mindfulness. Mindfulness is known to intentionally focus your attention on the present moment without judgement. 

Nevertheless here are my reason for stillness:
Intentional - Allows me to set the tone for my day and be purposeful.
Perspective - We are always in reactive mode; meditating allows me to step back and look at things in a different view.
Gratitude - It’s so easy to get caught up with striving for more (which is nothing wrong with growth) however, it’s important to stop, reflect and appreciate the many things that you have or going on in your life.

Bring it All Together:
Coming into the world of sales with no to little experience is simple but not easy. However, if you incorporate these tips and habits into your daily life, you will have a head-start, dodge common horror stories and experience satisfying rewards. 

Any questions? Leave a comment below!