How to Hit Your Sales Goals in Three Easy Steps

When it comes to sales, setting your goals is the absolute number one thing you need to do from the very beginning. 

Many designers and sales reps will often skip this step or not have a clear cut vision set into place of what they want to achieve not only for the season but for their brand in general. 

In this post we’ll be taking you through the three easy steps you can take today in order to get much closer in achieving your sales goals. 

how to hit your sales goals to grow your fashion sales

STEP ONE: Dream big. 

Now this may sound a bit woo-woo or like the Law of Attraction, but the first thing you need to do as a business owner or sales rep is to actually visualize and plan out exactly what you want for your business.   

How would you like to feel about actually achieving your sales goals? Write it down. Imagine yourself in that exact moment and visualize that specific number hitting your bank account. 

Start changing your mindset:
If you feel discouraged, frustrated, or overwhelmed, try to think of ways you want to feel instead. 

So if you’re discouraged you want to feel encouraged or positive.  
If you feel frustrated, perhaps you want to feel calm or satisfied. 
Or if you’re overwhelmed you need to change your mindset to feel productive or energized.  

Getting into a more positive mindset will work wonders in helping you achieve your goals. 

By getting into a more positive mindset, you’re able to start shifting your belief system into actually believing in yourself and your brand. 

You then need to start practicing getting into this mindset EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. Once you’re able to accomplish this task, you’ll without a doubt start seeing HUGE results. 

STEP 2: Write it down

You might be thinking, “well duh, of course I have to write down my goals”. But the truth of the matter is that most people do not actually write down their goals. They may have them stored in their head, which is at least a start, but in order to absolutely crush your goals you need to write them down or keep them on a spreadsheet. 

Not only should you write your goals down, but you need to constantly look at your goals. Keep them in place that visible to you every single day. 

Whether that’s on your vision board, the refrigerator, or in your phone, you need to make a point to look at your goals as often as possible. 

STEP 3: Break your goals down into smaller chunks. 

So the last step which is very important and crucial in avoiding overwhelm is to break your goals down further or into smaller chunks. 

Now how exactly do you do this. Well, the first thing is you want to figure out the bigger picture for your brand. 

Let’s say that your ultimate goal is to be a multi-million-dollar company, have celebrity endorsements, and able to contribute to a charity or cause. If you’re looking at those goals each and every day that’s great, but it can seem extremely daunting, right? 

Therefore, the best thing to do is to break those huge goals down into smaller goals. 

So let’s say in your first year or business you want to sell $100k. If you break it down further you’ll figure out that you need to sell approximately $8k a month or about $2k a week. That seems completely possible as opposed to selling a million dollars right away right? 

Each year you continue to push your goals to higher limits until year five and you finally at year five you’ve grown your business past the million-dollar mark. 

But it was through this very basic first structure that you accomplished your first goal of hitting $100k. 

how to accomplish your goals

So let’s review:

First you’re going to dream big and write down your goals. 

Make sure you’re taking active steps toward a goal-setting mindset, and don’t forget to place them somewhere that you’ll see every single day. 

Next, you’re going to write them down. Write them down both in the grand scheme of life, and also on a five, three, year, six-month, and monthly plan. 

And last but not least, break them down into smaller goals. This will be the best way to start tracking your goals and celebrating every little step in the right direction. 

Now take action! Let us know what’s one step you’re going to take today in accomplishing your goals. Leave us a comment below!