3 Tips to Stay Productive In the Morning

How to get a Running Start in the Morning:

It’s Monday morning and I’m already tapped by the thought of processing re-orders, answering a gazillion emails and hitting my new account goal. 

Once while staring at the ceiling; dreading the sound of my alarm clock, I thought ugh, do I really have to go out prospecting today?

morning rituals for productivity

Scanning my closet in my head for an outfit, I began to question myself.

What will I say when I get there?

What if buyer brushes me off?

And most importantly how would I get the conversation started?

There were just too many things traveling at light speed in my head. Instantly I thought, "I’ll just stay in bed and tackle everything tomorrow."

Right then and there I knew resistance had kicked in and if I kept it up I wasn’t going anywhere.

So I jumped out of bed, poured myself a glass of lemon water and laced up my running shoes.

getting a running start in the morning


You’ve probably heard it said, exercise is the ultra-medicine.

Well, it isn't just a saying... it’s actually true.

According to research, hitting the track has several benefits and they all aren’t physical.

Running can provide a noticeable boost to your self-esteem and confidence.

There is something about the crisp air touching your face bright and early that gives you a greater sense of empowerment and leave one feeling much happier.

Also, it can be a great way to relieve stress; promote focus and produce energy.

Focus on the positive outcomes:

No matter what our circumstances are around us it’s important to be positive every day.

Affirmation begins with self-talk each day. It's the countless positive unspoken or spoken thoughts that go on inside our minds. 

These automatic thoughts can be positive or negative; some create logic and reason which are thought as optimistic while others self-talk may appear from fabricated self-imposed misconceptions - which leads to negativity.

Studies have found that concentrating on positive things can broaden your sense of fresh new possibilities, which in turn will allow one to create new skills and resources. 

Tip: Write down or cut out a picture of what keeps you going every day, then place it somewhere you can see it daily-this technique will transform your thinking. 


If you are anything like me, you have a hard time turning off your mind and being sitting still.

meditation to be productive

Over the few years, through constant practice of meditation and yoga; I’ve experienced the immense benefits of mindfulness.

Mindfulness is known to intentionally focus your attention on the present moment without judgement. 

Here are my reasons for stillness:

Intentional: Allows me to set the tone for my day and be purposeful.

Perspective: We are always in re-active mode; meditating allows me to step back and look at things in a different view.

Gratitude:  It’s so easy to get caught up with striving for more (which is nothing wrong with growth) however it’s important to stop, reflect and appreciate the many things that you have or going on in your life.

So start your day in stillness and end in stillness.