The Top Tools You Need to Stay Productive in Your Fashion Business


When it comes to running a successful fashion company there are a few things you need in your business and life to make sure you’re staying organized, productive, and most of all efficient.

You need to make the most of your time by staying extremely focused on what needs to be accomplished to move your business forward each and every day. 

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of our favorite tools you should be using in your business to stay productive. 

Most of these tools are absolutely free or have a small cost after your trial. 


Having an email service is one of the most imperative tools you can use to grow your fashion business. Not only do you need an email service to create things like auto-responders, but it’s one of the most important tasks you should be doing consistently in order to grow your direct to consumer business. 

In addition, having an email service is something you should always be segmenting and tailoring to different buyers, press, and contacts that could possibly buy, promote or connect your business to others. 

Our favorite is Mailchimp. MailChimp is free up until you reach 2,000 contacts which really gives you some time to figure the service out and not have to pay anything up front. 

mailchimp for fashion businesses

Plus you can create different template and designs to fit your brand. 

The next tool you’ll need which is also related to email is Boomerang.

Boomerang is a Chrome Extension that you can use along with your Gmail when you want to send individual emails at different times of the day. 

It’s essentially an email scheduler. Say for example you are working late at night and you don’t necessarily want to send an email at 11 pm. You can always schedule that email for bright and early the next day. 

But the best feature by far of Boomerang is the ability to “boomerang” an email back to your inbox should someone not respond. 

So rather than making a note that you need to respond to someone (say a special buyer) by a specific day, you can just “boomerang” the email back to your inbox at the time you want to respond to the person. 

The best part? The receiver of the email has absolutely no idea you’re doing this. 

You can also track whether an email you sent actually gets opened! So cool, right? 

We definitely recommend this tool for email buyers or important people that you know that you’ll need to follow up with. 


It’s no doubt that social media is a total time suck. 

We don’t realize how much time we spent on social media for our own personal reasons let alone on our business. 

You can easily get sucked down the dark hole or cat videos, what trends are hot for the season, or the latest fashion industry news. 


By scheduling social media out in advance (we recommend at least a week ahead), you’ll not only save time batching this task, but you’ll take the guessing out of “what to post” every single day. 

Plus..especially for Instagram - you’ll be able to plan your grid. Your grid is the way each picture looks altogether on your profile page. 

Being that Instagram is such a visual platform, it’s imperative you plan these posts out in advance. 

Our favorite tools for social media planning include: 

Buffer: We use this for all platforms EXCEPT Instagram. For $10/month it’s a total steal to be able to schedule and reschedule evergreen content and to see how well each post has performed. 

Later: This is what we currently use to plan out of Instagram. This tool is completely free for 30 posts/month - so unless you’re posting more than about once a day, you should be fine. 

We’ve also used Planoly which is essentially the same type of service as Later, but uses a slightly different way to plan out your grid. 

Whichever you choose, you’ll save time. These are MUST-HAVES for fashion companies because we believe that Instagram is the most important social media platform for brands. 


Let’s face it. As entrepreneurs, our to-do lists are never-ending.  That’s why it’s so important to have some type of project management system to keep track of every single thing you’re working on the business. 

We use the project management tool Asana to plan out all our big goals for each quarter. 
This app and platform are completely free to use, and really are a HUGE help in staying organized and on track with your monthly, weekly, and daily tasks. 

If you need something to help you in prioritizing what you need to be working on, we highly recommend using this tool. 

Another great tool that is absolutely free in planning is Google Sheets. 

Similar to excel, you can use these spreadsheets to list or map out big ideas or tasks. 

For example, we use Google Sheets to make a list of all of our 

So this blog post you’re reading has already been scheduled out in Asana (so we know the due date), and also in our Google Sheet Content Calendar. This is where we keep track of all the topics we write about to ensure we are keeping everything. 

The way this could potentially look for you and your business is to use Asana to schedule out any big events or milestones you need to make in your business, and you can also use Google Sheets to keep lists that you share with teammates about certain buyers, stores, or any type of “list” of people or things that is a living and breathing document (meaning it’s constantly being updated). 

We can talk about being productive and organized all day long, but at the end of the day, it really is up to you to figure out what works best. 

If you’re a paper and pen type of person, go for it. 

Do whatever you can do to push the needle forward every single day. 

That’s what being productive is all about after all.